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Women’s Hands in my Family Albums

María Tanaut

32 pages

2nd edition of 100



María Tanaut is a recent graduate of the VCUarts Painting and Printmaking Graduate Program. María was born in Valladolid, Spain and is currently living in New York City. Recent solo exhibitions include What might have been lost at Fifi Projects in Mexico City and Swab Contemporary Art Fair with Rodríguez Gallery in Barolcolna, Spain. Later this year María will be in a solo exhibition at Rodríguez Gallery in Poznań, Poland.

Women’s Hands in my Family Albums is a series of images decontextualized from María's personal family archives. These images were mostly taken in Valencia, Spain by María's grandfather Vicente Tinaut in the 1950's. María's concise cropping of these images allows for the viewer to be directed to a particular aspect of the photograph. Touch becomes a defining characteristic of the images, focusing on intimate moments of these women's hands.